In an electrifying match that set the tone for the 2023/2024 Division Two season, EurAfrica FC emerged victorious in a stunning 3-0 win against Inter Millas FC. The game, played away from home, showcased the prowess of the team as they delivered an exemplary performance that sent shockwaves throughout the league.

EurAfrica FC entered the match with high hopes and a strong desire to leave their mark in the opener of the 2023/2024 Division Two season. Their performance against Inter Millas FC did not disappoint, with the team’s duo Iddrisu Abdul Manan and Rasheed Iddrisu taking the spotlight.

It was clear from the outset that EurAfrica FC was determined to make a statement in their opening game.

Iddrisu Abdul Manan, a talismanic figure for EurAfrica FC, scored a brace and got an assist. The early lead boosted EurAfrica FC’s confidence, and they continued to apply pressure throughout the match.

In the second half, Rasheed Iddrisu came on scored the third goal which was assisted by Manan, cementing the 3-0 lead and sealing the victory for EurAfrica FC.

The entire team’s performance was commendable. From a rock-solid defense that kept Inter Millas FC at bay to a midfield that controlled the tempo of the game, the team demonstrated a well-rounded and cohesive unit.

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