Opening the 2023/2024 Division Two Season with a Dominant 3-0 Victory

In an electrifying match that set the tone for the 2023/2024 Division Two season, EurAfrica FC emerged victorious in a stunning 3-0 win against Inter Millas FC. The game, played away from home, showcased the prowess of the team as they delivered an exemplary performance that sent shockwaves throughout the league. EurAfrica FC entered the […]

EurAfrica FC: Ready to Conquer Division 2 – The Ultimate Kickoff Guide

The Big Kickoff:EurAfrica FC is all set to make a grand entrance into the Division 2 league as they gear up for the big kickoff on November 4th. Football fans, brace yourselves for an action-packed season filled with thrilling matches, incredible goals, and moments of pure excitement. Team Spirit:One of the driving forces behind EurAfrica […]

Prince Arthur signs for FK Novi Pazar

EurAfrica FC bids a fond farewell to our exceptional midfielder, Prince Arthur, as he embarks on an exciting new chapter in his footballing career

Stephen Anorful: A Midfield Maestro Goes to Italy

EurAfrica FC has announced the transfer of its star midfielder, Stephen Anorful, to U.S. Salernitana in Italy’s top league. Stephen, who has made 75 appearances and scored 15 goals for EurAfrica FC, has been a driving force behind the team’s success. His departure is a loss for the local club, but a new opportunity for […]

Samuel Obeng: A Rising Star Heads to Italy

EurAfrica FC, has announced the transfer of yet another one of its top players, Samuel Obeng, to an international team, Empoli FC. With 70 appearances and 15 goals under his belt, Samuel had become a rising star and a fan favorite. His transfer left the team feeling both proud and sad, as they watched him […]

Final Score: EurAfrica FC 3-1 Final Whistle FC.

EurAfrica FC started off the second round of the division 2 season on a high note, securing a comfortable 3-1 victory against Final Whistle FC at home. The game was packed with excitement as both teams fought fiercely for possession and dominance on the pitch. Despite a few missed scoring opportunities, EurAfrica FC managed to […]